The Sorting Team

The postman has collected your mail and now it’s in the mails centre ready to be sorted. An Post has four mails centres in Ireland, Athlone, Cork, Portlaoise and Dublin. These mails centres are where all the post from Ireland and abroad - letters and parcels - are sorted.

The mails centre really is as busy as a beehive. And guess what? All the sorting is done at night while you are fast asleep!

Man Versus Machine

All letters go through a big sorting machine, which reads the address on the envelope. The letters are put into different groups so that all the mail going to the same places are together. What a clever machine it is!

Sometimes the machine can’t read the address, so it takes a picture of it. A person looks at the picture on a computer screen, reads the address and presses a button which tells the machine what county the letter should go to for the delivery the next day.

Fun Fact

Fun Fact

Over seven thousand (yes, that’s 7,000!) men and women work day and night in An Post making sure that your letters and parcels arrive safely around the country.