Follow Your Mail

Back in the olden days when you posted a letter, you simply put it in the post box and waved it goodbye! You only knew it got there safely when you got a reply.

But things have changed a lot since then. Now we can do all sorts of clever things in An Post including follow your mail every step of the way, so you know exactly where and when it has arrived.

Track & Trace Is Ace!

You can track and trace your mail no matter where you want to send it, even to places as far away as New Zealand! All it takes is a stamp and a special barcode.

The barcode- just like this one here- allows you to track your mail and see exactly where it is at different stages of its journey. No more playing hide and seek with your post, now you will always know where it is!

Journey of a letter

All Types Of Tracking

There are lots of different ways to follow your mail. It all depends on how quickly you want someone to receive it.

If you’re sending something like a book and you want to know it arrived safely, you use Registered Post. Then you can follow your mail all the way to its destination. You’ll know when it’s arrived because the person who receives it, signs for it to say they got it safely. How clever!

And if it’s something really urgent, like a birthday card that you forgot to send to your Granny (Oops!) you can use Express Post. This is a super speedy service that will make sure your mail gets wherever it’s going on time! Zooooom!

Fun Fact

Fun Fact

Did you know that if you send a parcel by registered post to somewhere as far away as Kenya in Africa, you can follow its journey the whole way without leaving your own living room. Amazing isn’t it? Let’s just hope the postperson keeps an eye out for those hungry lions!

Make your own Post Box


Make your own Post Box