Sizing Up Your Post

You already know that you can send a letter or a parcel to anywhere in the world like Australia, America and even to Santa in the North Pole! But there are two very important things to remember when sending anything in the post- how big and how heavy it is.  Here’s where we tell you about posting mail of all sizes!

Sending All Shapes And Sizes

Size is very important when sending anything in the post. In Goldilocks and the Three Bears each of the bears had a bowl of porridge which was exactly the right size. It’s the same in your Post Office where no matter how big or small your item is, you will find the perfect fit.

The Letter - I’m perfect for sending things like birthday and thank you cards!

The Large Envelope - Use me to send things like magazines or even a pair of socks, just don’t try to put your bike in here!

The Packet - I’m used for sending things like books or even DVDs- they would be a bit of a squeeze in an envelope, and their sharp corners need protecting!

The Parcel - Use me to send really big stuff like a teddy bear, a skate board or a woolly jumper. I’m often used for sending presents so keep an eye out next time it’s your birthday. Or you can post a parcel to a relative or friend and make their day special.

Heavy Or Light – The Price Is Right!

So now you know all about the different sizes that you can send. All that’s left to find out is how much they will cost. This depends on how heavy your mail is. A parcel is heavier than a letter and has to be weighed on special weighing scales to see how much it will cost to send.

Fun Fact

Fun Fact

Did you know Ireland’s first Post Offices were set up in Dublin in the 16th century - that’s a very, very long time ago!

Back then, mail was transported by horseback. The cost of a stamp for your letter depended on how far the letter had to go and how many pages long it was. You’d also have to wait weeks and weeks for a letter to arrive and the person receiving the letter had to pay for it.

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