Sizing Up Your Post

The Cost of Post



These maths-based activities are an ideal way to convey the importance of maths in everyday life to pupils. The worksheet below has a number of questions that will test pupils' reading, cognitive and mathematical problem solving ability.

Maths Activity:

The table below shows how much it costs to send items, of various sizes and weights, within Ireland and to Australia by airmail.

Using this table, see if you can figure out the answers to the following questions:

Type Weight  Ireland  Australia 
Letter  50g  €1.00 €1.70
Large Envelope  100g  €2.00 €2.90
Packet  1Kg  €9.00 €11.00
Parcel  4Kg  €15.00 €39.00 

1. How much would it cost to send two 100g large envelopes to an address within Ireland?

2. One letter weighing 50g going to Leitrim and one packet weighing 1kg going to Australia will cost?

3. How much would it cost to send one large envelope weighing 100g and one parcel weighing 4kg to Australia?

4. If everyone in your class was to send one letter weighing 50g to an address in Ireland how much would it cost?

5. If you were to send a packet weighing 1kg to someone living in Ireland every month for one year, how much money would you spend on postage?

6. You are sending a gift to a relative in Australia and a gift to a relative in Ireland. Both gifts weigh 4kg. How much will you spend on postage?

7. It is your birthday and you have received 12 cards in the post. All the cards are from friends and family in Ireland and none of the cards weigh over 50g. How much money has been spent on stamps?

8. You have been given €20 and asked to post some letters and a parcel. There are five letters each weighing 50g and one parcel weighing 4kg, all for addresses in Ireland. How much change will you get from €20?

Suggested Homework Activity:

Find out online at or at your local Post Office how much it would cost to send a 40g letter to someone living in New York.