Things To Do At Your Post Office

Walk through the door of your Post Office to enter a magical world of letters and parcels, counter staff and postpeople. There are loads of great things that you can do in your Post Office including sending letters, buying stamps and even topping up your phone.

Send Letters And Parcels

There’s nothing more exciting than a letter arriving at your door and if it’s a parcel, even better! You can send a letter or a parcel to anywhere in the world from your Post Office, all you need is a stamp.  You can even send one to Santa in the North Pole!

Buy Some Sticky Stamps

Stamps come in different shapes and sizes. They have colourful pictures of people, birds, plants and animals on them. Every country has its own stamps. Next time you get a letter, take a look at the stamp and see if you can tell where it came from.

Fun Fact

Fun Fact

Lots of people collect stamps from all around the world. The very first stamp ever made was created in Britain in 1840, that’s over 170 years ago!! It was called the Penny Black because it cost just one penny.

Stamps and flags of Europe


Can you tell where the stamp comes from?