The Story of An Post

For over 350 years, the Irish Post Office has helped family and friends as well as businesses to stay in touch, wherever they may be in the world. But a lot has changed since it first began.

Where It All Began

Long before the telephone, email and Facebook, the only way people could communicate over long distances was through letter writing, with letters being transported by horseback and later still, by mail coach.

In the beginning, only citizens with education and wealth and members of the government used the postal service because it was so expensive.

During the 1700’s the Irish postal system began to develop further and there was real growth in the service when the first stamp was issued in 1840, costing just one penny.

Soon lots of people could afford to use the post and stay in touch with their friends and family or for business purposes.

How An Post Changed Lives

Ireland was a very poor country long ago. Disasters such as the Famine of 1845 didn’t help matters and many people were forced to leave Ireland and go and work abroad.

Families and friends could continue to stay in touch with each other, even though they were thousands of miles apart. Although a letter took a very long time to arrive – usually weeks and sometimes months, it still made a world of difference to peoples’ lives.

Customers could also open savings accounts in their local Post Offices to save money. You can still open a savings account in your local Post Office today!

Did You Know?

Did You Know?

When Ireland was ruled by Britain, all the post boxes were red just like the ones you see in London. Once Ireland won independence all the post boxes were painted green.

But lots of them still have a crown on their doors, depending on which monarch ruled when the post box was made. Next time you pass the post box, see if you can spot a crown.

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