The Collection Team

Ever wondered where your letter or parcel goes from the minute you drop it in the post box? Or how it is collected and where it is brought to be sorted and delivered? You’ll find all the answers right here.

Collecting your Mail

Every day, the post is collected, not only from the post boxes you see on the streets, but from businesses large and small, up and down the country. Mail coming from abroad arrives into Dublin Airport on airplanes. All the post is put into cages and driven to one of four different mail centres - Athlone, Cork, Dublin and Portlaoise for processing.

The Post Collector and the Post Box

Every afternoon the post is collected from the many post boxes all over Ireland.  There are collections throughout the day with the last collection usually at 5:30pm or 6pm.

To open the post box, a special key is used. The postman also has a scanner that scans the code inside the door of each post box. This confirms the time that the postman collected the mail to ensure that it is always collected on the dot, never too late or too early.

The post is put into An Post vans and taken to one of the four mail centres of Athlone, Cork, Dublin and Portlaoise for processing.

Did You Know?

Did You Know?

The post box was invented over 150 years ago by a man, called Anthony Trollope, who lived in Ireland and worked for the Post Office. In later years he became a famous English novelist.