The Delivery Team

From Post Box to Letterbox- Delivering Your Mail.

The mail has been collected, brought to the mails centres and processed. Now all that’s left to do is deliver it. The mail must not only be delivered to homes all over the country, some of it must also travel to destinations abroad. Read on to find out exactly how it gets there.

Signed, Sealed, Delivered

The sorted mail leaves the mails centres during the evening and through the night in cages and is brought to delivery offices all over the country by trucks. The mail going abroad is brought to the airport.

Once it reaches the delivery offices, the postman collects the mail already sorted for their very own delivery route, then sets off to deliver the mail either by van, by foot or by bike. 

Knock, Knock!

The post is delivered Monday to Friday. An Post has even won a gold award for the careful and on-time delivery of mail to other countries.

If a parcel is being delivered to your door but you’re not there, a leaflet is put through your letterbox, telling you that a parcel is waiting for you and you must go and collect it at your local delivery office. This is a “Sorry we missed you” notice.

There is also a Mailminder service available which people can use when they go on holiday. An Post keeps all their mail safe and sound at the local delivery office, ready for collection when they get home.

Did You Know?

Did You Know?

A long time ago in Belgium, they though it would be a good idea to train cats to deliver the mail. It turned out to be a complete failure as the cats were far too badly behaved and had no interest in being postmen!



So now you know all about how the post gets from A to B, are you ready to test yourself? Write down the whole journey of the mail from collection to sorting to delivery and see how much you really know.

Make it even more exciting and get your teacher to judge the best description and perhaps award the winner with a small prize.