The Sorting Team

When the postperson has collected all the mail, he/she brings it to one of four mails centres to be processed. These four mails centres are based in Athlone, Cork, Dublin and Portlaoise and are full of workers and machines sorting all the letters, parcels and packages throughout the night!

Man Vs Machine

Depending on whether it’s a letter or something bigger like a parcel, the mail gets sorted by either a person or a machine.

There are huge machines in the mails centres that scan and read the addresses on the envelopes and put them into the correct pile.

This means that all letters addressed to the same area are grouped together so they’re easy to deliver.

Sometimes the machine can’t read the address, so it takes a picture of it. A person looks at the picture on a computer screen, reads the address and presses a button which tells the machine what area of the country the letter should go to for delivery the next day.

Did You Know?

Did You Know?

Over 7,000! men and women work day and night in An Post making sure that your letters arrive safely around the country and abroad. That’s a lot of people!