Managing your finances

Did you know your Post Office minds your money as well as your mail? You can also open a savings account that keeps your money safe. If you’re going on holidays abroad, you can exchange your Euro for Pounds Sterling and U.S, Canadian or Australian Dollars in your Post Office, quick as a flash!

Saving for a rainy day

It's never too early to start saving, whether your saving for your holidays or those runners you’ve wanted for ages. You can open a savings account in your Post Office, whenever you like. It’s easy to set up and you keep saving a little of your spending money every week or month, watching it grow and grow. Your money is as safe as houses until you’re ready to spend it.

Counting Currencies

If you’re lucky enough to go abroad for holidays, you will need money that can be used in that country. There are lots of countries that use the Euro just like us but there are many others that have their own currency. At your Post Office, you can exchange your Euro for Pounds Sterling - what they use in the United Kingdom or U.S dollars - what they use in America. Next time you need Pounds Sterling or U.S Dollars, just pop down to you local Post Office!

Did You Know

Did You Know?

As the number of countries in the world grew from the 1990s onwards, so did the number of world currencies. Many of these new countries introduced their own currency as a symbol of their independence.

Maths quiz


Maths at your local Post Office.