Marketing with Mail

An Post not only helps people to stay in touch, it also helps businesses to talk to each other and communicate directly with their customers. This type of Marketing is called Direct Mail. Every day An Post handles lots of Direct Mail, making it possible for businesses to advertise to customers quickly and easily.

Something we make sure all our business customers know is that 72% of all adults put time aside to read their post. That makes them very open to hearing about new products and services relevant to them.

When a customer recieves a piece of Direct Mail through their letter box a direct response by phone, by post, over the web or by presenting a coupon is usually required!

Understanding Direct Mail

Direct Mail comes through your letterbox, is addressed to you and offers a relevant product or service that would suit your needs.

Some Direct Mail pieces are just simple letters, easy to post and easy to receive. But some pieces are odd shapes and sizes. For example, some come in boxes or even in Direct Mail packs with a letter, brochure, product, sample, return envelope and outer envelope.

Every month millions of Direct Mail pieces are sent through An Post.

Direct Mail in the Digital World

You have grown up with Playstations and laptops, you’d be lost without your phone and the Internet has been there forever, right? 

As a result, research shows that you love receiving something in the post that is personally addressed to you.

Your generation, who know how computers and the Internet work and love brands, is a great target audience for Direct Mail - which works best in combination with TV, the Internet or mobile phones.

Did You Know?

Did You Know?

The first piece of Direct Mail that we know about was way back in 1000 B.C. An Egyptian landowner wrote an ad on a piece of papyrus (a type of leaf) looking for the return of a runaway slave. The original can be seen today in the British Museum. Amazing!



Why not make your own piece of Direct Mail? Imagine you are head of a company offering a certain product – it can be anything you want. Now write a letter to your customers telling them why they need to buy this product.

And if you’re feeling really creative, you can think of something else to send them that tells them all about your product in a fun and interesting way!