Your Post Office

Stamps and flags of Europe

Can you tell where the stamp comes from?

Guess the country.

Image: Map of Europe with the countries below, showing their flag and their stamp.

Countries: Germany, France, Ireland, Britain, Italy, Spain, Portugal.



Money Matters
e.g. America is matched with the dollar.


Calculate the postage

Calculate the cost of post


Make your own post box

Make your own Post Box 

What you will need:

  • An empty shoebox
  • Paint, paintbrushes and markers
  • Sheets of white paper

What to do:

  • Remove the lid of the shoebox¬†
  • Cover the box and the lid with the paper
  • Place the lid back on the box
  • Cut a large slit in the top of the box.
  • Using paints/ markers etc draw /colour in the box.