The Story of An Post

This page explores the history of the postal service and how it has evolved down through the ages. It also delves into when the first stamp was issued and how the Post Office ensured that people stayed in touch no matter where they were in the world.

This lesson plan activity can be used in Art/ Craft/ Design. Students are asked to create an image/ model with support studies and to design a stamp using the template provided.

Art, Craft and Design

Creativity and An Post

Moving Your Mail

This page takes a look at how the mail has been transported down through the years, from the olden days when it was on horseback to airplanes, trucks, vans, bikes and on foot today.

The GPO and the 1916 Rising

This page introduces the General Post Office and delves into its history and the important part it played in the 1916 Rising. It also explains the role of the GPO today.

Activity 1: This activity can be used in history class. Students can take a quiz based on the events of the 1916 Rising.

Activity 2: This activity can be used in conjunction with History class and English class. It asks students to imagine they lived in Dublin during the Rising and describe what they saw on the streets during that time. 

1916 Rising quiz sheet

1916 Rising quiz sheet

GPO Witness History Visitor Centre

There is so much to know about the GPO and the 1916 Easter Rising that even we can’t tell you about it all.

But there is one place that you can go to find out everything you want to know. It’s the GPO Witness History Visitor Centre, where history is brought to life.
The exhibition space is packed with technology, video, sound and original artefacts from the 1916 Easter Rising. Many of these objects have never been seen before by the public.

Opening times:
Open all year round from 9am to 5:30pm

School Tours

Tip: The GPO Witness History Visitor Centre, part of Dublin's Cultural Trail, is a great place to bring your school tour.

Dublin’s new GPO Witness History interpretive exhibition centre will offer a unique blend of learning, engagement and fun to students of all ages, interests and nationalities. Register your interest at kellyc@shannonheritage.com