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TV Licence FAQs

TV Licence FAQs

Have you a query about a TV Licence? Do you need to know more about the TV Licence Online Service?
Look up our frequently asked questions or refer to TV Licence for more information.  There are two FAQ sections.  General FAQ's and Online Service FAQ's 

TV Licence General FAQS


Where and how can I buy a TV Licence?

You can buy a TV Licence by using the following payment methods:

  • Online using the TV Licence Online Service 
  • At any Post Office
  • By dialling Lo-Call 1890 228528 - Laser or credit card  (24 hour service)
  • Direct Debit
  • TV Licence Records Office - cheque
  • TV Licence Saving Stamps (available from any Post Office)
  • Selected PostPoint outlets 

What do I need to renew my TV Licence at the Post Office?

Your current TV reference number, which is on the reminder notice sent from the TV Licence section. To avoid delays in Post Offices it is important to bring your reminder notice with you as the notice is scanned at the counter. 

I have a TV Licence for my television at home, do I need a separate TV Licence for my holiday home?

Yes you will need a separate TV licence for your holiday home. Any premises with a television needs a TV Licence. In the case of apartments each apartment needs a separate licence.

I have just bought a TV and want to buy a licence, how do I do this?

You can use any of the above channels for payment, and state you are purchasing an original licence.

If I purchase a TV Licence through the call centre, how and when will I receive my TV Licence?

A TV Licence will be posted to your address 10 to 14 days after the licence was purchased.

Do I require a TV Licence for the television in my business premises as it is only used for training purposes?

Yes you need to have the television licensed, as all premises at which a TV is located require a TV Licence regardless of its use. If you share the building with other businesses each business that has a television will need a separate licence.

Who do I contact if I have a query about a TV Licence?

If you have a query you should contact your local TV Licence Records Office.

I want to pay through Direct Debit, how do I do this?

Fill in the mandate form and return to your local TV Licence Records Office.

I think I may be entitled to a free licence, how do I go about getting this?

You should contact the Department of Social Protection (new window) at LoCall 1890500000 to get an application form for the Households Benefits Package. Fill this in and return it to the Department, Free Schemes Section, Pension Services Office, Freepost, College Rd., Sligo. They will issue the free licence to you.

Can you list the TV Licence Record Offices and their phone numbers?



Phone no



King Street
Co Mayo

096 21309


Emmet Square
Co Offaly

057 9120013

Oliver Plunkett Street

021 4851012

1/2 Upper O'Connell Street
Dublin 1

01 7058800
Dun Laoghaire

Century Court
100 Upr Georges Street
Dun Laoghaire
Co Dublin

01 2300136
Enniscorthy Millpark Road
Co Wexford
053 9233646

Eglington Street

091 565982


Kells Business Park
Cavan Road, Kells
Co Meath

046 9251105

Main Street
Co Donegal

074 9122620

Henry Street

061 212051

Main Street

043 3346412

Wine Street

071 9159262

Edward Street
Co Kerry

066 7121402
The Quay
051 875153


TV Licence Online Service FAQS



 How do I renew my TV Licence online?

Select the "Renew your Existing Licence" option on our Online Service page and Logon using your 17 digit TV Licence reference number and 5 digit PIN. You can find these numbers on the upper right had side of your TV Licence reminder notice.
 How can I change my address using the online service?

Select the "Change Personal Details" option on our Online Service page and Logon using your 17 digit TV Licence reference number and 5 digit PIN. You can find these numbers on the upper right had side of your TV Licence reminder notice.  

 I have never had a TV Licence before. How can I pay online?

Select the "First time Licence" option on our Online Service page and complete the form. You can pay by Laser, Visa or Mastercard.
 Why do I have to supply contact details when using the online service?

At least one form of contact details must be supplied when purchasing a TV Licence or
updating your Personal Details. This allows An Post Licence Services to deal with any
queries in a timely manner. 
Please Note : Your contact details are removed from the TV Database one calendar month after your purchase date (unless you have checked the opt-in for electronic correspondence).

 When will I receive my TV Licence if I purchase online?

You will receive you TV Licence within 10 working days. 

 When can I expect my address/personal details to be updated?

Please allow 10 working days for you address or personal details amendment to be updated on the TV Licence database.

 Can I use the same TV Licence reference number and PIN  every year?

No. A new 17 digit TV reference number and PIN are generated each year and supplied with your TV Licence reminder notice.
Note: First reminders are posted 2 weeks before your TV Licence expires.

 Can I obtain my PIN over the phone or sent to me by email?

No. For security reasons the PIN is only supplied on your reminder notice. Please ensure that you keep it in a safe place.

 I have mislaid my TV Licence reminder notice but want to renew online. What can I do?
You can go to our Online Service page and choose the "First Time Licence" option. This licence will be associated with your original record and the expiry is subject to amendment.
Please note: It may take longer for your record to update if you choose this option.

 Do I get a receipt for my online payment?
You should print off the Transaction Summary which is displayed at the end of your online transaction. You will also receive an email with a text version of the Transaction Summary (if you have supplied an email address). Please show this to the TV Licence inspector if he calls prior to you receiving your TV Licence in the post.

Can I have my TV Licence posted to an alternative address?
When you are purchasing your TV Licence you can add a Mailing Address. Your TV Licence will then be posted to the address nominated by you. Subsequent TV Licence reminders for this property will also be posted to your nominated address.

Who should I contact if I have a problem with the TV Licence online service?



Phone no


 Web Sales

O'Connell Chambers
5th Floor
1-2 Upr O'Connell St
Dublin 1

1890 252749

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