TV Licence Direct Debit

TV Licence Direct Debit information

You can pay your TV Licence fee through Direct Debit from you Bank Current Account

Important announcement:
A New SEPA TV Licence Direct Debit application and mandate form was introduced in November 2013. From this date onwards you must use this form when making an application to pay for a TV Licence through the TV Licence Direct Debit scheme. It will also be mandatory to provide a recent bank statement with your application.

With the implementation of SEPA you may notice some changes to the information on electronic transactions and the timing of payments being received into or paid out of your bank account.

You should always ensure that you have sufficient funds in your account in advance to meet your Direct Debit commitments as they fall due. If you do not have money in your account to meet a direct debit, it will be returned unpaid and you may be subject to a charge from your bank. 


Direct Debit Payment Options

There are four payment options.

Annual       -  One annual instalment of the Full TV Licence fee  (€160)

Bi-Annual  -  Two six monthly instalments of €80

Quarterly   - Four equal quarterly instalments of €40

Monthly     -  Spread the cost of the TV Licence fee over twelve months. Pay €13.33 per month

How do I set up a Direct Debit ?

Your TV Licence Reference number should be on any letter you have received from An Post Licence Services. If you do not have your TV Licence Reference, number please leave this part of the form blank. 

There are no additional charges for paying for your TV Licence by Direct Debit.

Please ensure that you have read the Direct Debit Agreement Terms and Conditions

  Note 1 :

An Post Licence Services will send you an acknowledgement letter on approximately the 18th of the month in which the Direct Debit Agreement was set up.

This letter will show:

      • The first instalment amount (see Note 3)
      • The date of the first debit
      • Payment schedule for the remaining instalments  (see debit calendar )

    Note 2 :

Your TV Licence records office must receive the completed Direct Debit application and mandate forms plus a recent bank statement before the 15th of the month in order to commence payment in the following month. If your Direct Debit application and mandate forms are received after the 15th of the month, the Direct Debit agreement will not be set up until the following month.

    Note 3 :

All arrears due to date will be debited from your bank account in your first instalment. Where a Direct Debit application is being set-up in respect of a renewal licence, the existing expiry date will remain unchanged and any arrears due to the date of the set-up will be collected in the first instalment.

What is SEPA ?

The Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) comprises the 28 EU member states, as well as Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway,  Switzerland and Monaco. It is an area within which you can make and receive payments in euro, under the same basic conditions, rights and obligations, regardless of their location, whether between or within national boundaries.

What is BIC ?

The BIC or Bank Identifier Code (also known as the SWIFT address) is a unique address which in payment messages identifies precisely the bank involved in financial transactions. When used in conjunction with the IBAN it identifies the bank at which the account of the beneficiary is held.

What is IBAN ?

IBAN stands for International Bank Account Number, and the concept was developed by the European Committee for Banking Standards (ECBS) and the International Standards Organisation (ISO) and is an internationally agreed standard (ISO 13616: 2003). It was created as a viable and practical international bank account identifier, used internationally to uniquely identify the account of a customer at a financial institution, to assist error-free cross-border payments and to improve the potential for straight-through payment processing. EU banks are legally required to provide their customers with an IBAN for each bank account. An example of an Irish IBAN is: IE64IRCE92050112345678.

Where can I find my BIC and IBAN ?

Your BIC and IBAN are printed on your bank statement. You can also request them directly from your bank.

Why do I need to supply a copy of a bank statement ?

A copy of a recent bank statement (non-returnable) is required to verify the bank account details provided by the Licensee for payment of their TV Licence Fee.


  • The bank account statement must have the BIC, IBAN, account holders name and account holders address, therefore mini statements are not acceptable.
  • We do not require the balance on your statement to be shown. You should ensure that financial transactions on your bank statement are fully masked or removed before you attach it to your application. 
  • Bank statements are shredded after the first debit is successfully processed.

What does 'sufficient funds' mean ?

Sufficient funds means having a credit balance in the bank account to cover the payment being sought. 'Sufficient funds' depends on the payment option chosen by the customer and also when their previous licence expired as there will be arrears* due in this case.

* Any arrears due to date will be debited from the bank account in the first instalment. When a direct debit mandate  is being set-up in respect of a renewal licence, the existing expiry date of the licence will remain unchanged. Any arrears due to date from the previous expiry date will be collected in the first instalment along with this month's instalment.
The previous licence expired on 31 January and the Direct Debit Agreement is set up in April. The first instalment will be sought in May on the 3rd working day and will include arrears for the months of: February, March & April and also May's instalment. In this case the arrears would be €39.99 and May's instalment is €13.33, so the total being sought on the first instalment will be €53.32.

When will the money be taken from my account ?

Below is a list of the dates that customers bank current accounts are due to be debited. Please refer to your payment schedule in your confirmation letter for the months that refer to your payment option type.

Day Month Year
Thursday December 3rd 2015
Wednesday January 6th 2016
Wednesday February 3rd 2016
Thursday March 3rd 2016
Tuesday April 5th 2016
Wednesday May 4th 2016
Monday June 6th 2016
Tuesday July 5th 2016
Wednesday August 3rd 2016
Monday September 5th 2016
Wednesday October 5th 2016
Thursday November 3rd 2016
Monday December 5th 2016

The Direct Debit instalment is always sought on the third working day of the month.


Can I change my Direct Debit payment option?

Your payment option can only be changed in the month your current Television Licence expires. If you wish to change your payment option please download and complete a Direct Debit form and return immediately to your Local TV Licence records office. Alternatively you can contact your Local TV Licence records office by phone or email and a Direct Debit form will be posted out to you. 

All TV Licence renewal Direct Debit customers receive a letter 3-4 weeks prior to their TV Licence expiring.


Changing Bank Accounts ?

If you are an existing Direct Debit customer and wish to change bank accounts, please download and complete the Direct Debit form and return to your Local TV Licence records Office. Alternatively you can contact your Local TV Licence records office by phone or email and a Direct Debit form will be posted out to you.

    Note 4 :

The completed Direct Debit mandate for your new bank account must be accompanied by an up-to-date bank statement for that account.

    Note 5 :

You can only change your payment option in the month of expiry.


Direct Debit Terms & Conditions ?

The Direct Debit Agreement will remain in force on a year to year basis. Any changes to the TV Licence fee will apply to all TV Licences purchased, or future TV Licence fees payable, after the date on which the fee comes into force. An Post will notify you, by post, on an annual basis of the amounts due to be debited from your Bank Current Account. Should you wish to change the frequency option for the payment of your next TV Licence, you must complete a new application form and send it to your local TV Licence records 16 days before your TV Licence is due to expire. You may only cancel your direct debit instruction in the month your TV Licence is due to expire after full payment has been made.

The TV Licence fee is payable on a year to year basis under the Broadcasting Act 2009 or under subsequent encompassing legislation. Under this Direct Debit agreement you are legally obliged to pay the full cost of the TV Licence. You are legally required to continue paying for your TV Licence during its validity period regardless of whether you disgard the TV Set, are awarded a Lifetime TV Licence from the Department of Social Protection, leave the country or move to another premises already covered by a TV Licence or for any other circumstances. Non-receipt of any instalment due on your television licence fee will result in the revocation of the licence and you will then be obliged to purchase a replacement licence in full or face prosecution for the breach of Broadcasting Legislation.

The amounts to be debited are variable and may be debited on various dates. You should duly notify the Bank in writing if you wish to cancel this instruction. You must also notify An Post of such cancellations.


Application Forms

      Bank Direct Debit Application and Mandate Form



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