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Setting up a Ceadúnas Licence
Ceadúnas (prepaid posting under special licence) eliminates the need for customers posting large volumes of mail to stamp or frank items individually. An approved Ceadúnas logo (which denotes payment of postage) is printed directly on the envelope.

The minimum volumes required per posting:

  • Letters: 2,000 items
  • Large Envelopes: 500 items
  • Packets: 100 items

All items in a posting should be of a similar size, weight & shape. Letters, parcels, newspapers and periodicals must conform to certain agreed dimensions (see Terms and Conditions).

You can register to pay by cheque at your chosen bulk mail acceptance office or open a Postal Deposit Account, a convenient way for you to pay for your mailings. With a Postal Deposit Account you can choose to book and manage your bulk mailings online with eDocketing.

Find out more about Ceadúnas mail.

Bulk Mail Discounts:

You can save up to 26% when you take advantage of our discounts available to customers mailing over 200 items in a single posting.

Find out more about discounts for Bulk Mails. 

Postal Rates

Check out our calculate the postage tool to find out exactly how much sending your mail will cost. Find out more about pricing with our full range of post services or print our handy wall chart to display in your office.

Posting your Ceadúnas mail

Drop off
Ceadúnas mail can be dropped into any of our designated acceptance offices.*
*Full list of acceptance offices available

You can avail of a postal collection† service from An Post for an annual fee of €2,650 or a special one-off collection costs just €50.
†Subject to availability

International Mail
You can select from a number of services tailored to meet your needs. You can reach your customers and target new ones cost effectively using our International mail services.
Marketing by Mail
Ceadúnas mail is great for Direct Mail as you can avail of special Postaim Discounts. An Post's Mail Media Unit is set up to promote excellence in the Direct Marketing industry and to become a valuable resource for any business that wants to make Direct Mail work for them.

Direct Mail is a proven marketing tool that can increase your revenue, build your brand and grow your customer base. Our Mail Media Unit offers a host of innovative products and services, along with practical support and helpful advice when you need it most.

Find out more about Marketing by Mail.

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Size & Weight Guide

Once your item's dimensions or weight exceeds the limits of any category it automatically moves to the next category of mail.


The Letter/Postcard rate of postage caters for items no larger than C5 in size (i.e. the size of an envelope containing a folded A4 sheet of standard paper).

Any item below this size needs to be inserted into an envelope of at least these dimensions to meet regulations. Failure to do so may result in the item being charged at a parcel rate.

Minimum:  Length 140mm; Width 90mm; Depth 0.18mm 
(with a tolerance of 2mm)
Maximum: Length 235mm; Width162mm; Depth 5mm


Items which qualify for the Letter/Postcard rate of postage must weigh no more than 100g.
If you cannot fold your items to fit this size, or they are bigger or heavier than the maximum size and weight limits, they may be classed as large envelope, packet or parcel items.

Large Envelope
The Large Envelope rate of postage caters for flat items, such as an A4 sheet of standard paper, no larger than the maximum dimensions below and weighing no more than 500g.

Minimum:   Length 140mm; Width 90mm; Depth 0.18mm 
(with a tolerance of 2mm)
Maximum:  Length 400mm; Width 300mm; Depth 25mm

Items which qualify for the Large Envelope rate of postage must weigh no more than 500g.
If you cannot fold your items to fit this size, or they are bigger or heavier than the maximum size and weight limits, they may be classed as packet or parcel items.

The Packet rate of postage caters for items within the following dimensions.

Minimum dimensions: 100mm(L) X 70mm(H) X 25mm(D).
Maximum dimensions: for a packet are a combined length, height and depth of 900mm. No individual dimension can exceed 600mm, with a tolerance of 2mm.
In tube form the maximum dimensions are the length plus twice the diameter 1,040mm with no one dimension exceeding 900mm, with a tolerance of 2mm.

Items which qualify for the Packet rate of postage must weigh no more than 2kg.
Items that are bigger or heavier than the maximum size and weight limits of a Packet will be classed as a Parcel.


The Parcel rate of postage caters for items up to the following size dimensions and is subject to a physical & dimensional weight limit of 20kg.

Maximum dimensions:
Length: 1.5 metres
Length: + Girth 3 metres
To calculate the Girth: 2 x (Depth + Width)


The maximum weight limit per item is 20kg.
Sometimes, large items with a light overall weight - such as a box of pillows - can be charged according to their Dimensional  Weight. This reflects the additional cost of transporting light but sizeable items. It is recommended that you calculate the Dimensional Weight for every shipment that you send, then compare this to its actual weight. The greater weight of the two is used to work out the price that we charge you.
To calculate the Dimensional Weight:
(L x W x D) / 6,000
L = Length in centimetres
W = Width in centimetres
D = Depth in centimetres
A 10kg item, which is 62cm long, 49cm in width and 39cm in depth will have a Dimensional Weight of:
(62x49x39)/6000 = 19.75 which is rounded up to 20 giving you a Dimensional weight of 20kg.


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