An Post and Literacy

In An Post, writing and reading are very important to us. Without them, no one would be able to send letters, postcards or even thank you cards.

In school, you spend lots of time learning to read, write and spell. An Post also encourages you and your classmates to use your imagination when reading and writing.

But there are some people in Ireland who aren’t as lucky. They find it very difficult to read and write, because many of them left school at an early age. 

There is a group of people called the National Adult Literacy Agency (NALA) who help these adults to improve their reading and writing. An Post helps NALA to do their work by letting people know all about NALA and encouraging them to take the first step to get the help they need.

Sharpen Those Pencils!

Recently schools all over the country took part in An Post’s  ‘What’s the Story?’ competition. They wrote wonderful and exciting stories about spaceships, aliens ,
rockets and the moon! This is a really fun activity for the class to do together so follow these steps to create your own class story: 

Step 1: Decide on the ‘genre’ or type of story. Is it a horror, a science fiction, a comedy or an adventure story? 
Step 2: Who are the characters in the story that you are going to write about?
Step 3: Decide what is going to happen in the story – this is called the plot. Split into smaller groups and each group can decide what happens in a different part of the story from beginning to end. Don’t forget to write it down so you remember it!
Step 4: Put all the parts of the story together by writing it on the board or in copy books.  
Step 5: Draw pictures to show what is happening in your story.
Step 6: Remember to give your story a ‘title’.

And now you’ve done your first ‘What’s the Story?’ - well done!

Literacy Ad

Literacy Ad made by An Post

Here a dad helps his daughter with her home work. Watch our other NALA ads.

Fun Fact

Fun Fact

Hundreds and hundreds of years ago, a man named Vizier who ruled a country called Persia - it’s called Iran now - had a collection of one hundred and seventeen THOUSAND books! That sure is a lot of books. Not only that, but he took every single one of them with him whenever he went travelling! Isn’t that silly - just where would he find the time to read them all?!