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The Journey Of Your Mail

This page tells students about the journey of a letter and of a parcel from the moment they are posted to when they arrive in the letterbox. The journey of both the letter and the parcel are shown through the use of two videos. After watching each video there is a quiz for students to answer.

Video quiz

The Collection Team

This page tells the students about the collection of the post on a day-to-day basis. Craig the Postman explains a day in his job from how many times he collects the mail to how he opens the post box and where he brings all the mail to be sorted.

The lesson plan activities test students' geography skills, asking them to locate towns, counties and capital cities. 

Counties and Countries

Geography is very important at An Post

The Sorting Team

Here the students learn about what happens to the letters and the parcels when they reach one of the four mail centres to be sorted.

The Delivery Team

This page teaches students about how the post is delivered. Peter the Postman explains a day in the life of a postman right from when he sets off on his bike to deliver the letters.

The lesson plan activity asks students to summarise everything they have learned in this section from the collection of the post to the sorting to the delivery. This lesson plan activity can be done in English class as a creative writing activity or even as a question and answer session.

Test your memory

Step by step journey of a letter

  • Buy a stamp at the Post Office
  • Mail goes into postbox
  • Mail is collected by the postman
  • Scanned by postman so the mail centre knows he has collected the mail from that postbox.
  • Postman puts mail into the van and brings it to the mail centre
  • Letters are sorted in a big sorting machine
  • Bigger parcels are sorted separately in the mail centre
  • All the mail is put into cages and brought to delivery offices by vans and trucks
  • Postman picks up the mail from the delivery offices
  • S/he delivers the mail by van, bike or foot
  • The mail arrives through the letterbox!