Your Post Office

Things to do at your Post Office

The section, Things to do at your Post Office tells secondary students about the different sizes of packaging used for sending mail, from letters to larger parcels. It also explains how to use the Post Office to do other things like renew a passport or even rent a DVD.

We recommend that this lesson plan activity be done in art class. It encourages students to think creatively, use their art skills and their imagination to design a new stamp.

Design your own stamp

Stamp template

Managing your Finances

This page tells students about the importance of saving money and how An Post helps people to save with a savings account. It also explains what currency is and how Euros can be exchanged at the Post Office for Dollars and Sterling.

We recommend this lesson plan activity be done in maths class. It asks students to calculate the cost of An Post products and of a variety of mail being delivered to different parts of the world.

Maths quiz

Maths at your local Post Office.

The An Post Mobile App

This page introduces the An Post Mobile App and its many benefits including the Track and Trace capability and how to get the postal rates at your fingertips is also explained here.

The activity is interactive, encouraging students to use Track and Trace to follow their mail.

Track and trace mail

Link to website where mail is tracked -

Understanding Direct Mail

This page defines what Direct Mail is. It also explains how An Post helps businesses to communicate with customers and with each other using Direct Mail. 

This lesson plan activity encourages the class to think in a creative way by creating their own Direct Mail piece. This can be done in art class or maybe as a project in business class.

Design your own Direct Mail piece

Please ask your class to bring in some samples of different Direct Mail pieces.

For example: Leaflet/ brochure/ booklet/ desk calendar