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Beat the downturn

Stand and deliver: why it adds up to use Direct Mail in a downturn.

Smart marketers know that at a time when you have to fight for every consumer euro it’s not the time to cut back your marketing spend. Smarter ones know that when every marketing euro needs to count you need to choose a hard working medium that delivers tangible, measurable results.

So why exactly does Direct Mail spend increase during tougher economic times?

Made to measure

You wouldn’t buy a lottery ticket without checking to see if you’d won so why spend precious marketing Euro without a way to measure if it worked? Direct mail is completely measurable – you know who received it and you can see if they acted. The ability to provide transparent responses is one of the reasons Direct Mail is even more popular when budgets are tight.

Target practice

Because you can choose who you want to target, with Direct Mail there’s no waste. You can hit the customers you know will be interested in your products without wasting money targeting people who won’t.

Overtake the competition

When your competitors hit the brakes on their spending, it’s a good time to hit the accelerator on yours. Your efforts will look even more outstanding and get more consumer attention than in a crowded market.

Positive thinking

When times are tough we are drawn towards brands who are confident, despite the economic climate. Continuing and even increasing marketing spends for your brand shows consumers that you are here for the long haul.

Time to listen

Boom times can be chaotic for businesses and consumers. We’re all working harder with less time to focus on smaller details or pay attention to non essential things. In a downturn we have more time and it can be a good time to deepen the relationships you have with your existing customers, talking to them, finding out what they want from your brand and rewarding their loyalty. If you haven’t had a conversation with your customers for a while, Direct Mail is the perfect place to start.

Here are 5 practical ways to stretch your Direct Mail budget even further:

1) Take control

Test every campaign with a control group so you can see what is really working for you. Consistent testing will pay dividends by showing you which customer segment is most responsive, what messages and offers work well and how much you need to discount to stimulate sales.

2) Little and often

If you find budgets are tight, sending smaller more targeted mailings can give better returns than sending the same message to a wider customer base. Time spent up front identifying who is most likely to respond will be well spent and give you a better ROI.

3) Sharpen up

Fine tuning your copy until it is razor sharp can increase response rates significantly and it’s amazing how often this is overlooked. When you’re writing your Direct Mail copy start from scratch, don’t take it from your website or other brochures.  Before you go to print why not pass it around a few people who don’t know your product to see what they think?

4.) Look the part

The look and feel of your piece is so important, but a bit of creative thinking could save you money too. Do you really need an envelope? Would a self mail piece or even a postcard be more impactful to a customer? Talk to your printer about different formats and printing options to reduce cost – and shop around, your customers are asking for discounts so don’t forget you can too!

5) Save on stamps

We offer a range of postage discounts for businesses so it’s a good time to make sure you’re on the right rate and taking advantage of the discounted rates available for marketing and bulk mailings. Talk to the our Business Desk to make sure you’re getting the best rates available.

Studies show that companies who maintain or increase their marketing efforts during times of uncertainty increase market share in the long term, so make sure whatever efforts you make you can measure the results.

Anything else just doesn’t add up...

An Post can help you beat the downturn with:

  • Publicity Post: a low cost leaflet delivery service that allows you to target specific areas with your marketing message.
  • PostAim: a discounted direct mail service that allows you to mail your marketing campaign for less.