A Message From An Post Cycling

After eight years of sponsoring An Post Cycle Series, An Post concluded this sponsorship initiative in 2016.

Our sponsorship of An Post Cycle Series has promoted the benefits of cycling for people of all ages and abilities since 2009.

The Cycle Series creates gold standard, sell-out, leisure cycles. This brings mass participation, social and sporting events to communities all over Ireland for eight years. Over 100,000 people have taken part in the events since 2009.

The Cycle Series is a wonderful grassroots cycling movement, made possible through the partnership of business with local government, community and civic groups.

Thank you to everyone who was involved in organizing the events and making An Post Cycle Series a wonderful success during its lifetime.

Best wishes to all for the future and to all cyclists, stay on your bike and stay safe in 2017.

The Cycle Series will continue in 2017 as the Sport Ireland Cycle Series. It will be managed by the Local Sports Partnerships who organize the events in each host county.

For more information or to register for an event, please visit the event section of each Local Sports Partnership website.

With routes catering for everyone, from the serious amateur to the enthusiastic beginner, the Sport Ireland Cycle Series will offer: Family routes of approximately 10kms while short, medium and long distance routes will be approximately 60kms, 100kms and 160kms.

  • Cycling partners:
  • Irish Sports Council
  • Cycling Ireland
  • Supported by:
  • An Post - do more