A fistful of Dollars and Sterling stuff down your way


A fistful of Dollars and Sterling stuff down your way

An Post is now selling Sterling and US Dollars at more than 200 post offices nationwide. The new service is commission-free and offers highly competitive exchange rates at post offices in all main cities and towns across the country.

An Post Retail Director, John Daly explained that the US Dollars and Sterling cash service is the latest in a stream of new financial and communications services being made available to the 1.7 million customers who visit the post office every week.

“Value for money has never been more important for customers, so being able to purchase US Dollars or Sterling cash at competitive rates with no additional commission charge is proving very popular with customers heading off to the UK and America. It’s one of a trio of holiday-related products which also includes the Passport Express and Mailminder services,” he added.

More than 80 per cent of all Irish passport applications and renewals are processed through the Passport Express service whereby documents and payment are submitted through any post office and the new passport returned by Registered Post  within ten working days.  MailMinder provides peace-of-mind for An Post customers who don’t want their mail piling up while they are away from their home or business.

As well as the handiness of being able to get Dollars and Sterling in your local post office, customers will not have to pre-order or pre-pay and the transaction will be totally commission free. Minimum purchase is £20 or $20.

Details about An Post’s commission-free Sterling and US Dollars service, Mail Minder and Passport Express services are available at www.anpost.ie . To find the nearest post office offering Sterling and Dollars, the growing list of post offices selling Sterling and US Dollars or the current exchange rate see www.anpost.ie/dollarsandsterling