Beat the downturn


The Gloves are Off for Small Businesses

While the year ahead is going to be a tough one for small business, “don’t be afraid of the challenge” is the ‘hang tough’ message from four heavyweight business champions speaking in Croke Park at An Post’s ‘Beat the Downturn’ seminar on Wednesday 4th February. An Post and Irish business will share smart strategies with over 200 small businesses attending on the day.

Pulling no punches, the advice from each of the four champs is to box clever. Simple tools mentioned to help small business to step out of the shadows and leave their opponents reeling include a straightforward marketing plan, direct mail do’s and don’ts, more effective communication tactics and increasing the value of existing customers.

One man who has been there before and has come out on top is Ben Dunne, who makes it clear that “There is no such thing as a bad time for good business and the downturn can even be an advantage for the underdog who thinks on their feet and makes good their opportunity”.

Media economist Marc Coleman is honest about where the economy stands, how we got here and the very real impact on small businesses who “really need to dig deep and box above their weight.” He sees marketing as the “antidote to this recession with the more courageous and innovative businesses not just surviving but thriving on the right strategy.”

Not for the faint hearted!  PR and Communications expert Terry Prone describes “defence as the best offence for small businesses” with “customer communication and retention offering competitive advantage over larger businesses”.

For those on a strict budget, Pearce Flannery, author of ‘Grabbing the Oyster – Anecdotes and Advice from Icons of Irish Business’ says “small businesses can get off the ropes by making sure they pack a punch “getting the right message to the correct person” everytime.

This event is hosted by An Post in conjunction with the Small Firms Association, the Irish Direct Marketing Association, and Irish Small and Medium Enterprises Association.  For a ringside seat visit or phone Eimear at 01-705 7622 Email: