Best Use of Digital Media


“Open your Mind (to the power of Direct Mail)”

An Post’s Mail Media Unit ‘s “Open your Mind (to the power of Direct Mail)” campaign featuring Ireland’s best known mentalist Keith Barry scooped  ‘Best Use of Digital Media’ at the recent 2010 APMC (Association of Promotional Marketing Consultants) Star Awards. 

The campaign targeted 30,000 business people with an eye-catching, personalised envelope with a large window showing a 5 cent coin attached to a scratch panel.  Scratching revealed a personalised URL where Barry greeted users by name before leading them through an entertaining mind-reading exercise and wrap-up emphasising the simplicity, cost effectiveness and measurability of Direct Mail.

The campaign achieved a 35 per cent response rate - an amazing 25 per cent above target.  

A non-personalised version of the campaign may be viewed by logging on to (new window)
Use the code: yc3w4